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Raising the bar

ScanWill is quite literally raising the bar with our energy-saving and cost-efficient hydraulic pressure intensifier solutions that enable you to achieve a higher output pressure from an existing low-pressure power source. 

Our compact hydraulic pressure intensifiers, offered in cast iron and steel, with a chrome finish, as well as in stainless steel for the oil & gas sector, transform low pressure supplied to the inlet port (15-200 bar/218-2,900 psi) to a higher pressure at the outlet port (from 20-4,000 bar/290-58,000 psi).

This allows you to achieve stronger cutting, improved clamping, or enforced breaking, to name but a few, without making large investments into new equipment or drastic changes to the configuration and footprint of your machinery.


ScanWill Fluid Power ApS was founded in 2001 by Jesper Will Iversen, who started developing intensifiers in 1991. Since the beginning +25,000 intensifiers have been supplied worldwide to an array of industries. In April 2018 ScanWill Fluid Power ApS was acquired by Addtech AB, incorporating us into a network of 150 subsidiaries and +3,200 employees.

40+ Sales

ScanWill has a network of more than 40 Sales Partners around the world providing technical assistance and swift customer service.

25+ years of production knowledge

ScanWill has more than 25 years of production knowledge and application experience.


ScanWill’s entire product range is always in stock for day-to-day shipment from the facilities in Smørum, Denmark.


Better under pressure

ScanWill intensifiers are used to generate a higher pressure from a low-pressure hydraulic power source.

The intensifier is based on a piston principle, where a larger diameter piston pushes a smaller diameter piston. That will then increase the pressure to a factor equal to the following ratio: Larger diameter area divided by smaller diameter area. The outlet pressure will always be proportionate to the supplied pressure. The hydraulic system controlling the piston movement allows this to be up to 20 Hz during pressure build up, during which the intensifier delivers continuous flow. When the end pressure is reached, the piston movement stops. In case of a pressure drop on the high pressure side, the intensifier will automatically start working to maintain the pressure. The compact ScanWill intensifiers all have high-pressure valves integrated.

The drawing shows the basic principle of the ScanWill intensifiers, consisting of a piston arrangement: Piston Control Valve – PCV, Check Valves – CV1 & CV2 and the Pilot Operated check Valve – POV.

How does the ScanWill intensifier work in different applications?

Single Acting Cylinder – 5,000 psi/345 bar

Double Acting Cylinder – 6,000 psi/414 bar

High Pressure Application – 21,750 psi/1,500 bar

Quality Assurance

For your benefit

For the benefit of all our customers and suppliers, Scanwill Fluid Power has implemented an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System. Emphasis is on production, service, and technical support – parameters all covered by this certification from Intertek Certification. 


The certificate ensures customers that Scanwill Fluid Power’s more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and application support is available post sale.

Customer Security

Our ISO certification ensures customers that ScanWill Fluid Power’s more than 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and application is available post sale.


Helle Rosenbeck, Accountant

Quality Assurance

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WillTech is a preferred supplier of ball sealing-plugs and screw-in orifices


Wandfluh is a preferred supplier of hydraulic valves, electronics and accessories

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WillTech is a preferred supplier of ball sealing-plugs and screw-in orifices

Wandfluh is a preferred supplier of hydraulic valves, electronics and accessories