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News: June 12th, 2024

Introducing the new MPM-350

Scanwill Fluid Power is happy to announce another new product development – The MPM-350, our latest hydraulic pressure intensifier which can accept up to 350 bar at the inlet with a ratio of 3.

The MPM-350 has already been sold to various industries, but mainly caters to the oil and gas industry. 


The MPM-350 is an in-line hydraulic pressure intensifier designed to increase a supplied pump pressure to a higher end pressure (for fluids only). The intensification ratio is fixed, and the end pressure is always proportional with the supplied pressure. 


As standard, the MPM-350 is offered in steel. The MPM-350-S is made with outer parts in stainless steel and internal parts in standard steel.


Learn more here and contact us for more information.

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News: June 5th, 2024

ScanWill Appoints New Mechanical Engineer

Scanwill Fluid Power ApS is pleased to announce that Mr. Michele Ippoliti has joined the company as a Mechanical Engineer. Michele is 44 years old and comes from a position as Hydraulic Engineer with Bosch Rexroth.

We are very pleased to get Michele onboard with his vast knowledge and experience within Hydraulic Fluid and High Pressure systems. Michele will in the future be working with further development of intensifiers and be the project engineer for our various projects around the world. Furthermore, Michele will take care of technical questions and issues.


We wish Michele welcome onboard.

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News: May 23rd, 2024

Last Stop = Japan

The last stop on CEO Erik Scheibel’s Asian Tour was Tokyo, Japan, where he met up with our great Japanese agent, OHTSUKA CO., LTD., who has been our partner for more than a decade, already surpassing several thousand ScanWill units sold.

ScanWill is proud to partner with OHTSUKA, a large manufacturer of automotive parts, air conditioning equipment, and industrial equipment, with locations in both Tokyo and Osaka, Japan, and in business for more than 100 years.


OHTSUKA exhibits great knowhow and skill across many different industries, and has been chosen as a key supplier to major automobile manufacturers and industrial equipment suppliers thanks to their unwavering commitment to high quality manufacturing, customisation, environmental considerations, and affordability.


This, alongside an accomplished sales and service staff make OHTSUKA a highly valued partner to ScanWill, and we look forward to continuing this great cooperation.


Pictured from left to right: Mr. Toshiya Abe, Sales, Mr. Daisuke Ohtsuka, Senior Managing Director, Mr. Erik Scheibel, CEO ScanWill, Mr. Kurohara Sho, Leader Purchase Department, Mr. Nariaki Matsuo, Sales, Mr. Hisaaki Misawa, Purchase.

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News: May 15th, 2024

ScanWill in China

During his trip to Asia, ScanWill CEO Erik Scheibel also visited our agent in China, Telide Shenzhen High Pressure Fluid Systems, who has represented ScanWill for more than 20 years, and has sold several thousand ScanWill intensifiers in China.

“Telide is a company with huge knowledge within intensifiers and their usage. Telide sells ScanWill intensifiers to all kinds of hydraulic industries in China and also use the intensifiers in their own line of products,” says Erik Scheibel.


“The sales and service staff at Telide is very experienced and it is a big pleasure to meet up with the staff and have good discussions about the products and their customer’s needs,” he continues.


“A key component in our partnership is Telide’s ability to repair and service the ScanWill intensifiers themselves, thus making the customer’s downtime very limited when service is needed. We look forward to doing more business in the future in China with Telide,” Erik Scheibel concludes.


Photo 1: From left to right – Mr. Dreams, CEO, Mr. Erik Scheibel, CEO, Tina, Sales Assistant, Mr. Yang, Sales, Mr. Peng, Sales, Mr. Chen, Sales.


Photo 2: Mr. Dreams, CEO of Telide Shenzhen High Pressure Fluid Systems, and Mr. Erik Scheibel, CEO of ScanWill.

News: May 7th, 2024

Sales Trip to Southeast Asia

ScanWill is once again traveling the world, this time on a sales trip to Southeast Asia, visiting customers old and new.

In Singapore we met, among many others, Mr. Phang Yew Fei, Director, and Mr. Chia Mun Seng, BD-Director, from Power & Motion Control (PMC), who have been our partners for many years.

PMC was founded 27 years ago and has built a good, well-known reputation in Southeast Asia. PMC sells products all over Southeast Asia, is very trustworthy and easy to get in contact with.

PMC is very experienced in the use of Hydraulic Intensifiers, why we are proud to have them as our partner.

Pictured from left to right: Mr. Phang Yew Fei, Director, Power & Motion Control, Mr. Erik Erik Scheibel, Global Sales Manager, ScanWill, and Mr. Chia Mun Seng, BD-Director, Power & Motion Control.

News: January 26th, 2024

Visit from Brazil

Tuesday we welcomed our Brazilian partners, BAHRI, for an exclusive product training session. It is always a pleasure to host our partners and build on great relationships while sharing the many benefits of ScanWill Pressure Intensifiers and learning about market specific needs and demands.

Thank you for the visit, Ricardo Araujo and Geverson Rocha!

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News: January 24th, 2024

Scanwill Secures Large Wandfluh Order

ScanWill is proud to announce that we have received a large order for Wandfluh valves, which we have distributed in Denmark for more than 5 years. The order for 2024 was placed by a leading supplier in the worldwide windmill industry and carries a total value of almost 2 million DKK.

“In our 5 years as Wandfluh’s agent in Denmark we have succeeded in increasing their business to small, medium, and very large hydraulic suppliers in many industries. This is in large part thanks to the fantastic Swiss-made quality and service. Due to the many industries and applications of Wandfluh equipment, you never know where the next request will lead us, which makes it so interesting to work with and sell,” says Regional Sales Manager, Nicklas Hemmingsen.

“The development of the Wandfluh business in Denmark has successfully been carried by the demand for quality equipment and high service levels,” says Nicklas Hemmingsen. “It’s always very interesting to visit customers, old and new, and help meet their demands.”

This latest order follows a general trend in the windmill industry, where more and more Wandfluh products, as well as Scanwill products, are currently supplied. The request for and use of intensifiers has risen quite significantly during the last few years as we experience ever-growing demand for our services and solutions.

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News: January 17th, 2024

ScanWill on Tour!

Here are a few snap shots from our recent sales trip to Germany. It was great to see customers face-to-face again, and we returned home with the bag full of new orders, new projects, and new potential customers.

News: January 10th, 2024

Packed and ready to go!

Scanwill Fluid Power ApS is proud to announce that we have received an additional blanket order for 400 custom pressure intensifier units through our trusted US sales partner IC-Fluid Power, Inc. The 400 units will go to a single customer in the US market, and the first 100 units will be shipped this week.

The end-user has been a very loyal and happy customer of Scanwill products, and thanks to IC-Fluid Power, experience the highest service level imaginable from a local partner. The US market seems to keep growing and becoming more and more accepting of the use of hydraulic intensifiers in their hydraulic system designs. 

Please feel free to contact 
IC-Fluid Power for inquiries in the North American market and Scanwill directly for other markets.

Success Stories

Power Packs for Tensioners

A customer producing Hydraulic Pump Units that generate 150 bar/2,200 psi needed an HPU to generate 1,500 bar/22,000 psi for a bolt tensioning application.

We supplied a ScanWill Intensifier type MP-2000 which increases pressure 10-fold. This allowed the customer to use their standard HPU instead of building a new one.

Operating the HPU was still done via the existing standard valves and components, as the increased pressure is present only after the intensifier. The intensifier has all needed high-pressure valves integrated, including a pilot operated check valve for evacuating the higher pressure back to the tank. This solution is often used for operating hydraulic tensioners.

As the only additional costs for the upgrade was the intensifier itself, this solution is very cost effective.

Success Stories

Casing Tongs and Roughnecks (oil & gas)

A Major supplier of oilfield equipment in Norway adapted the Scanwill pressure intensifiers in 2014 to be used in their casing tongs, used when extend-drilling into the seabed.

The pipes are extended by screwing them onto each other, and this requires a clamping process. The system pressure is 200 bar / 3,000 psi which is not enough for the right clamping force. By adding a Scanwill MP-L-3.4 pressure intensifier the pressure is increased to 680 bar / 10,000 psi, sufficient to avhieve the needed clamping force.


This customer has more than 500 ScanWill intensifiers in use around the world.

Success Stories

Pressure Testing of Hydraulic Cylinders

Customers manufacturing hydraulic cylinders require each cylinder to be static pressure tested at a pressure 2 – 3 times the operational pressure.

The customers use hydraulic power units for the performance testing, and by adding a ScanWill intensifier they can also include static testing of 500 – 700 bar / 7,250 -10,000 psi from the same HPU.


This solution offers substantial savings compared to installing an additional test pump.

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Success Stories

Intensifier Solution for Crimping of Electric Wires

A customer approached us with the problem of getting a reliable solution for crimping electric wires together from a platform on a truck.

The hydraulic system on the truck supplies 140 bar / 2,000 psi and an operational pressure of 700 bar / 10,000 psi is required to operate the crimping tool.


A special patented plug-in solution, the Tool-Boss, using the ScanWill intensifier was made, and is now used by the customer.

Pressure Intensifiers

Low/Medium Pressure

High Pressure

Intensifier Solutions

Speed Valves


WillTech is a preferred supplier of ball sealing-plugs and screw-in orifices


Wandfluh is a preferred supplier of hydraulic valves, electronics and accessories

Pressure Intensifiers

Low/Medium Pressure

(up to 800 bar / 11,200 psi)

High Pressure

(up to 4,000 bar / 58,000 psi)



Speed Valves

WillTech is a preferred supplier of ball sealing-plugs and screw-in orifices

Wandfluh is a preferred supplier of hydraulic valves, electronics and accessories